Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look WHAT we Created Today

Today was a dreary day and I was in the mood to create....   

So with a little imagination some help from my 3 year old and my trusty Cricut .  We came up with these cute little animals.

Never thought this

Yes its a paper towel roll could be anything other than  "drum roll Please" !

these Absolutely adorable little critters

Have to admit he is  my favorite !! Just look at those big eyes...

this is my Daughters favorite she just loves his pink nose and those( blue) eyes

The poor duck looks like he has been in a fight but he really  just fell over and bumped some other paint projects...

Took us about an hour to complete the four and had a great time.   This is definitely something we will be trying again ..

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed our project of the day.  


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